Monday, 23 November 2009


over what has to have been one of the wettest weekends in ages, i have been working on some more children's hanging decorations for the Christmas fair, first up we have some trees
then some little lady bugssome flowers
which have been attracting the attention of these beesand some butterfliesi plan to start work on some more 'boy' themed ones this week! (whilst watching the rain falling outside the window no doubt - where oh where have the lovely crisp days of Autumn gone?)

also just to mention, if you hop over to check out retromummy's blog, you might just be in with a chance of winning some gorgeous fabric!


  1. I love all of these but REALLY love the Jumper Bunny on your last posting!

  2. Just found A link to your blog on flickr you have made some great stuff. Are these felt hanging your own patterns? i would love to make some for my sons room.