Wednesday, 11 November 2009

how the time flies!

feels like i've been away from here for too long for one reason or another. i took another trip over the weekend with the little ones, over to my folks & we celebrated Guy Fawkes with our own little bonfire & some fireworks, which i think i enjoyed more than they did ( i certainly enjoyed the toasted marshmallows more) although it really was chilly but quite fun to get wrapped up in out winter woolies.the break was lovely & i started the binding on the boys quilt,
i also found time to get on with little O's 'little red', i kind of made up this pattern as i went along, heavily borrowing ideas from a few other patterns, sizing it was all guess work, but work it did & i'm very pleased with the end result, another cardi for little O which cost less than £4 (two 100g balls out of an odd ball bin at a local yarn store)
the ladybird buttons weren't my first choice but i guess that's what happens when i take the kids with me to the shop to choose buttons!

i've also made up some knitted heart decorations to sell at the Christmas fair, these are just lovely & i won't mind one bit if they don't sell as i'll be more than happy to hang them on my Christmas tree this year.


  1. i love those hearts - so gorgeous!! great to see knitted ones, i'm sure they will sell, if not you could try them on here.

  2. Those hearts are really lovely, hope you sell lots.

  3. I think those ladybird buttons finish the cardi of just wonderfully and what a bargin at just £4.
    The hearts are gorgeous I don't think you'll be bringing may of them home from the fair.

    Joanne x

  4. I love those beautiful knitted hearts and I'm sure that you will sell them all at the fair ~ you might just have to make some more for yourself later :O)