Friday, 27 November 2009

plodding on

i had hoped to be sharing some pictures of my recent sewing projects, i just needed to take some photos, we did get a glimpse of the sun this morning, but then about 10 minutes before the little one went down for her nap, the rain set in, i really hope it's not here to stay today.

so i'll just have to share some other things i've been up to,
socks i've started for little O, using the left over tofutsies yarn from these socks i made for myself, in fact i'm even doing the same pattern, but with a rib all the way up after knitting the heel - so hopefully they'll stay on her feet!

some wool i ordered from here (great sale prices - i'm tempted to go back for some more)
this is for a little crochet project i'm planning, & will probably be what i will be picking up when i get the chance over's Debbie Bliss - pure cotton

& i've found time to start the advent calendar for the little folks, although think i'm just as excited about this as G is.

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  1. I love your colors in the Debbie Bliss- I can't wait to see what you make!