Tuesday, 6 October 2009

shame about the weather

what a change, day two of the rain & i've had enough already! i did mange to get out briefly yesterday, to drop a big bag of things off at the charity shop, luckily on my way out i had a little look for myself and came home with these lovelies, (& if little O had been in a better mood there would have been more buttons but she just wasn't having any of it)I have been busy, in the way that i often seem to have many knitting projects on the go at once, i now seem to be over using the sewing machine. I ran up a quilt top (cot / cot bed sized) & finally got round to making a start on my wonderland quilt top. Now this one has been a long time coming, mostly because i have changed my mind so many times about what i wanted to do with it!I have also been doing quite a lot of thinking & planning. The sailing themed set i made up last week was very well received, so much so that the mum in question has been encouraging me to have a stall at the schools Christmas fair. At first i just smiled & laughed the idea off, but it did get me thinking (mind racing with lots of ideas for different sets i could make), then when little O wore her skirt to a birthday party, the mums there made lots of positive comments (such as can you make my daughter one & i'd buy one of those!).

I've not committed myself yet, but i am seriously considering it.

oh & my tickets for the country living Christmas fair arrived today - i'm trying very hard not to get too excited about it just yet.


  1. My tickets have just arrived too! I'm very excited already - which day are you going?
    R x

  2. I've just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading through. You make such lovely things. I started over the summer having a stall at local fetes and carnivals - I've done seven so far and have a further six lined up for the Christmas run up. Handmade items seem so popular and I get such a buzz out of each event (and make a few pennies too!).

  3. I love the mittens you knitted and the little skirt for O. Thanks for sharing the link for the Christmas Fair. I've never gone before but seriously thinking about it! It looks wonderful.
    You make really nice things!