Sunday, 11 October 2009

sunday sewing

well, that should really be weekend sewing, as this is how my table looked yesterday, i've gone into production line mode, having decided to go for it & have a stall at the school's Christmas fair! this weekend i have mostly been making cosmetic bags,i'm really pleased, i've made these before so knew what i was doing,
but look, the zips all went in - trouble free!
today i've got three finished but have stopped for a break.

i'm really pleased with how they're turning out, only i think i've fallen for this little guy - might have to make one in this fabric for me.

i've got lots of ideas for other goodies i'll be making, & have started to make slow progress on other things. i've been on a small fabric buying binge, & took advantage of the sunny weather yesterday to get most of it washed & dried (only now that means lots of ironing) i'll be back with some pictures once the weather cheers up a little.

i've also noticed that i'm nearing the 100 post's mark - so will get my thinking cap on for a 'give away'


  1. They look really lovely. That's the trouble isn't it we make things we like then end up selling them. Be interested if you ever make yourself one, I never seem to! But 2010 is going to be the make things for myself year!!

  2. You have been very busy! I love the little bags ~ I'm sure they will do very well at the craft fair :O)

  3. Love those make up bags!! You have been so busy. Hope you do really well, you deserve to!

    Sharon xx