Sunday, 18 October 2009


my little finger had a run in with the car door & lost.
the tip has a fracture & as the lovely nurse at the minor injuries clinic had to 'release the pressure' (= repeatedly jabbing a sharp needle in my nail) it is now classed as an 'open fracture' (= strong dose of antibiotics)still, there are some good points of this mishap (= having a good excuse for not being able to do the washing up for a while) & i can still knit, just (but strangely am struggling to use a knife & fork)have started a new knit for little O, (a pattern i am making up from a mixture of other patterns)


  1. Oh no, poor you. Hope it gets better soon.

    Colette x

  2. Oh that looks sore! I've been in A&E this week too ~ story on my blog! I hope you get better soon and at least you can still knit :O)

  3. ouch, poor you!!!! hope it's better soon xx