Sunday, 19 April 2009

Car Booty

or credit crunch chic! we had a fun trip out to a car boot sale over the Easter weekend & i found bargains galore!
A cute 'accessorize' bag!, trust me, the last thing i need is more bags but at 50p i couldn't resist as i fell in love with the lining material!
A men's gingham shirt for 10p, which one day will hopefully become one of these
A robe/dressing gown for 25p !!!, i brought this thinking i would use the fabric, as there is so much of it, but this robe has been handmade & I'm having second thoughts about chopping it up.
Then i also found a top for 10p, again my first plan was to chop it up and use the fabric for something else, but this top fits me really well, so think this one will definitely stay as it is.


  1. Oh well done - you did brilliantly. I think I have another few weeks to wait until the first car boot round these parts. :-( x

  2. You had a great day, and lovely finds!! I went to one, & found a few bits, and pieces, but nothing outstanding. Went to an Art exhibition today at a village near us, and a friendly chicken was wandering about in the road! We were concerned that she may get run over by a car, and fortunately found out where she'd escaped from, and returned her to safety!! She was such a friendly hen !!

    Have a great week : )

    Sharon xx

  3. Some great buys!! love the bag xx

  4. Lovely finds
    lots of beautiful blue :o)

  5. I saw that shirt and was crossing my fingers hoping you'd say it was going to become a shirt dress! Send me pictures when you're done!

    Love that bag. CUTE