Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sewing Saturday

I turned this -
into this on Saturday -
and i am ever so proud of myself!

This was a sewing kit, brought for me (from here) last year, only what with being very pregnant at that point & then being caught up in the whirlwind of having another small person to care for i never got round to making it!

till now, & how pleased i am, just in time for the sunny weather today!

this was a great introduction to making your own clothes, it all comes printed up on a large piece of fabric, (the kit even includes the right colour thread!) you just cut out the pattern in the size you want and sew it together, i was a little scared of doing the binding, but after watching the tutorial's they put online, it actually was much easier than i had feared! (and came together so quickly) so now i want to try out one of these, the only trouble is which one to choose!


  1. Kelly, I just love this. Its going to look so good on you. You have inspired me. I want to make one. Happy sewing, Amy.

  2. Oh Kelly it's so lovely, really, really beautiful. I haven't seen such a pretty piece of clothing in a long-long time. I will definitely check out the link (many thanks)

  3. This is so lovely and great if you don't have the time for faffing around with a paper pattern! am off to check out the site
    Louise x

  4. That's gorgeous, what a lovely design & colour!!!
    I will have to check out that link too.
    Have a lovely Easter : )

    Sharon xx

  5. Wow what a beautiful top. That fabric is gorgeous!! I will have to go and take a looksie at the link and drop some major hints to Mr Deravelled! ;)

    Gemma x x