Thursday, 8 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

new dress
my work space
noro baktus
making plans
1. a new dress, i'm in love - a little treat to myself for working so many extra shifts last month
2. ignoring the chaos & enjoying a cuppa with an eccles cake
3. catching a glimpse of the colours in the new baktus {when it's not keeping me warm that is}
4. making lists & planning my christmas makes


  1. Oh such lovely happy things. Looking forward to seeing all your Chistmas makes and your dress is pretty! x

  2. That dress looks divine! And go on... keep those feet up, you deserve it for working hard!
    Love your photos!

  3. Lovely dress, the colour is gorgeous....I do like your baktus, the colours look so warm and snuggly....the best bit? Planning Christmas....I could spend all year doing it!

  4. Hello! I love the colour - look - of your new dress. Mine was a tub of Ben and Jerry's Last night as the mister is away. Not on the same scale, but gawd it was so nice.

    Nina x

    ps. You know the woods are probably not that far from you.