Friday, 16 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

52 weeks of happy
what a week - rather unplanned but i've spent a lot of time at work this week, so i'm a little late with my happy!

1. so to turn a negative into a positive i am thankful that i do infact have a job, especially one which fits in so well around my family & i can't deny that the extra shifts will be a very welcome addition come payday
2. as it's children in need in the uk today, i {along with a whole school full of children} got to wear my pj's to work, which was rather lovely considering what a grey & miserable day it is here today
3. coming home for a warm bowl of soup & hot buttered toast at lunch time {this really did make me ever so happy}
4. i'm so glad that Barney & i got out for a very long walk on tuesday, as it's been his only long walk of the week - sorry boy, we'll make up for it this weekend


  1. Lovely, lovely happy things! And pyjamas to work sounds like bliss. x

  2. such lovely, joyful and happy things! that soup looks very yummy indeedy! ;0)x

    ive been catching up on your posts and have enjoyed it, sorry for not being good at typing messages, i really enjoy your blog and my catch up! x