Friday, 23 November 2012

52 weeks of happy

new washer
ginger bread goodies
friday sure did come round fast again, the weeks are slipping by too fast, still i've got a lovely three day weekend thanks to a school inset day on monday - hurrah
1. i'll get the boring bit out the way first, a new washing machine, rather strange, but this is making me soooo happy, our old inherited one had been on the way out for quite a while, as always things go wrong when you could do with the money to spend on other things, but ho hum, i really can't live without one of these & its rather lovely to have properly clean clothes again
2. i couldn't resist these at the supermarket - the young girl on the checkout politely remarked that i had started my christmas shopping, i couldn't keep in a little chuckle as i replied i didn't expect them to last that long!
3. a little baking with the kids {we of course had to split the dough three ways, i got a little carried away with mine}
4. getting together the bits for my next project - i love new yarn & this lot was another bargain from kemps 


  1. I fully understand your washing machine love.

  2. Oh you can't live without a washing machine, so of course that will make you happy! And I love all your other happy things. x

  3. After going two months without our washing machine (with two young children) I feel your joy for the new one!

    In our household we always have to split our cookie dough and have some each to do as we wish with...otherwise mummy might get a little bit crabby.......!

    Ali x

  4. Working washing machine+ family= happy! Easy sums! :)