Wednesday, 8 June 2011

wet & windy wednesday

can't keep up with the weather today, not really liking all the rain we've been getting, but it has been helping the garden along, we picked the first of the radish, which was what big G had chosen to grow {he loves radish sandwiches!}

the first crop of radish

knitting wip

i have also been getting on with my twenty ten cardigan, i'm loving the yarn, it's very soft, although i don't think it's really a chunky, feels more like an aran weight to me, i'm tempted to get some more whilst's it's such a great price at kemps

{& a quick thank you to Andrea from apples&pears for passing a versatile blogger award onto me - i'll need to get my thinking cap on, but if you're impatient you could always check out a random fact's about me blog post from last year - it's all still true!}


  1. yum i like a radish or two toooooo xox You are super speedy with your knitting, the yarn looks very tempting x

  2. nice radishes!
    they look much better than mine...I left them in the ground too long they are now the size of large beetroot, not nice. I kept trying to pull them out today but every time i opened the door the heavens opened, maybe tomorrow
    congrats on your award

  3. oooh so delighted for you that you are now able to grow your own yummy veg- hope G enjoys them. You cardi is looking super x

  4. radish sandwich you say...might have to try that!
    fee x