Sunday, 1 May 2011

a great excuse for a party

extra long bank holiday weekend, royal wedding, what more do you need, a big group of us hired out the village cricket pavilion for a get-together, it couldn't have worked out better, the children played together, we drank fizz, ate great food, chatted, sat in the sun, watched the children run around the rec & play at the park {okay so it was mostly the dads that supervised the park playing but they then did nip off to the pub when they'd had enough}aside from what your view of the royal family is, it was so lovely that everyone came together, all pitched in, & made great memories for the small folk

however the rest of the weekend is likely to be quieter as little O has come out in chicken pox

{the mugs do belong to us, well the children really - our parish council presented them to all the children at school & pre-school, i have quite mixed feelings on this but am trying not to get too cynical !}


  1. The mugs are fabulous. I got one for the Queens Jubilee way way back in the 70's and I treasure it now, although at the time it was just a mug. If your children really don't want them when they're older they can sell them - there's always a market for such things. It sounds like you all made the day really special. Happy May Day!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Re the mugs- I'm no royalist but i have a queen's coronation one that belonged to my nan that I treasure. I think they're a little piece of history x

  3. looks like you had a fab day Kelly, great idea,
    I loved the wedding, quite sad that it is all over!
    i hope poor little O is feeling better very soon
    j x