Tuesday, 3 May 2011

a stroll round the park

the pox has taken hold, little O is covered, being house bound with Dora the explorer on re-play, i think i was going a little stir crazy {that may have also been due to the sleep deprivation!} not wanting to let this spoil our bank holiday weekend we {bundled little O in her buggy } & headed for a stroll round Petworth Park to feel the wind in our hair

& boy was it windy! it did the job though, now i've just got to get through the rest of this week!


  1. Hi Kelly, what beautiful photos. I was watching the spring clean of Petworth HOuse on BBC four the other day.. looks incredible. Loads of great art. Thanks for your comment on my desktop image... for you I will do one each month! Lou x

  2. I hope little O is soon feeling better, chicken pox are no fun. XxX

  3. oh dear, hopeshe feels better soon.

  4. LOvely pictures- so glad you got out, despite the dreaded pox. Hope she perks up soon x

  5. Gosh it was windy all right!
    glad you managed to get out, hopefully little O will be back to full health very soon
    j x

  6. Lovely pictures. I know I'm odd but I love cow parsley. It is one of my favourite sights - it just says Summer Meadow.

  7. Oh no - not the pox! Little boo is still recovering with raw welts and scars where the scabs knocked off weeks later. I'm using bio oil to help with the healing.

    Hope recovery is speedy.

    take care,

    Nina x