Monday, 28 March 2011

sweet little blue

this is the new cardigan i finished for little O over the weekend, we're both rather pleased with how it turned out

i used some 'sidar click aran with wool' i got from kemps clearance, it knitted up using much less yarn than i had thought it would need, i only used about 30g of the third ball, the pattern was very easy & because i used aran weight it also knitted up quite quickly,  the pattern was easy to adapt, i added extra rows to the main body & sleeves & also did less of the a-line increase, to give it a more subtle a-line shape

having knitted this once, i would knit it again, maybe a more colourful version next time (i would also quite like to size the pattern up & make one for myself) details found over here on ravelry


  1. Oh I have just bought some Click on offer at the NEC and would love a cardi like that for myself.

  2. Little O looks gorgeous as a model (and the cardi's pretty good too!) What a great pattern. Pity I don't have any little girls to knit it for.

  3. Ah so sweet, love the wide sleeves!

  4. Little O is such a cutie! I can't beleive how quickly she has grown.
    love the cardi, perfect for a chilly rainy morning like today
    j x

  5. Love the cardigan (and the stripy leggings).

  6. hey kelly,
    v cute - I LOVE navy knits!
    (and I love stripey leggings....just wish they loved my legs!)
    You are v clever....fee ♥

  7. Hi Kelly - thanks for the comment. I bought a great book called Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. I used part of one and then adapted it by adding the final row of cluster...the same as in the circles. I would def recommend this little book....lots of really exiting borders!! xx PS if you by it, remember it is American so make the necessary adjustments

  8. Such a cute cardy and I love navy blue for little girl knits xox