Tuesday, 1 March 2011

pea pod cuties

one of the lovely ladies i.work with at pre-school recently lent me this japanese knitting & crochet craft book, it's full of sweet patterns, mostly for house slippers & socks, 

the downside is that there are no english translations for any of it, there are lots of diagrams & a few pictures of what stitches some of the symbols mean, but with regards to sizes & yarn weights i was a little lost  (my friend is japanese, so i can always ask if i get really stuck)

i thought it best to try a small pattern out first, these baby shoes were the smallest in the book, relatively easy to follow & also very quick to make, i used some sublime organic cotton dk, (in the 'pea pod' shade) which i'd brought from kemps last summer,

i'm guessing they have turned out at about 12-18 month size? (if anyone has a 12-18 month old foot in their house, it would great to know how long their little feet actually are?) i'm sure by adjusting the yarn weight & hook size i can make up a smaller pair, as i think these would be better suited to a smaller baby, 

ravelry notes found here


  1. Lovely! The stitch detail is sweet. Those cable leg warmery things on the front cover look divine too. Laura x

  2. there are very pretty, well done!

  3. Looks like a great book Kelly!

  4. Wow Kelly they look fab. I've been eyeballing some of the Japanese slipper books but to sew, rather than knit. I may have to indulge ..

  5. Wow!
    I had to do a double take! I thought the photo's were of images in the book. My new born boy has fairly large feet but not alarmingly so and while I've not got a tape measure handy (can't get one,am feeding) I would guess his feet are about 10cm heel to toe by 4cm wide. Just a knckered guess though but it may be a guide. His feet sound huuuuge don't they? I keep checking but I stand by the 10cm guestimate, each foot is as long as my index finger. xxx

  6. oh they are soooo pretty, one day maybe i will get there x well done you though x