Saturday, 19 March 2011

the missing pom pom

we're making slow progress with the house, but then that's to be expected with small children & work to get in the way, i've picked up the needles again too & it feels good, i felt the urge to start a new project, partly because little O is in need of a new cardi & partly because Kemps have got a load of lovely new clearance yarns in, so i've got a few small, quick projects planned, but today i'm sharing a project i started & finished just before we moved,

a pompom hat - but without the pompom! i made this for a friend, it came out a little big really, which is why i missed off the pompom, as the weight of it would have just pulled the hat down too much

despite it's faults, the yarn is super soft & warm (Sublime Organic Merino Wool D.K ) & i also really like the pattern, so may plan to make myself one for next winter, but will used the suggested weight of yarn next time, you can see my notes on ravelry

hope the sun has been shinning on you too today (& i really hope it comes back tomorrow)


  1. Oooo I do love cables!!!! That is a lovely hat, Kelly - great colour too xx

  2. Lush hat, love the style and the colour. Another of your projects which inspires my Rav queue! Thanks for your comment... you are partly responsible for the fabric stash with your Cotton Patch tip off!Hope you're settling in well. We've just put our place on the market- it's all rather exhausting, and the house looks so pretty just as it's time to move on! Laura x

  3. LOVE that hat! I've just bought a couple of beanies in the sales - giving me time to pimp them up before next Autumn/Winter!
    Have a good week - more of that lovely sunshine would be nice wouldn't it!?
    fee x

  4. Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment
    your blog is lovely and very inspiring, been popping in for a while now, don't know why it has taken me so long to comment!
    j x