Tuesday, 8 February 2011

today i have

been washing new fabric (from here, on sale, i'm thinking the blue may become the backing for the pin-wheel quilt )

hanging said washing out to line dry (washing done & all dry before school pick up!)

loosing the battle against the bug doing the rounds (pesky children & their germ sharing tendencies!)

sitting on the back step, drinking lemsip, soaking up some sun,  watching little O & her friend do some digging (generally involving getting a little muddy!)

searching out the new shoots & spring flowers


  1. Such pretty fabric, although I'm not sure I can imagine it backing your quilt, but you have a better eye than me! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. Oh lucky you- crocus! I've been thinking about them lately. We went to the park today, but no flowers, only green shoots. Hope the Lemsip does the job. Laura x

  3. Lovely fabric! I'm stalking the postman at the moment for some fabric goodness. Hope the Lemsip works. XxX

  4. Love the fabric, and from one of my all time favorite online shops! you are very good washing them first - for some reason I have this irrational fear new fabric will disolve or something!