Wednesday, 9 February 2011

a change of plan

i used a small amount of my (only) two & half hours of child free time this week by popping to the local haberdashers, i had a list of various things i needed for the many projects i have on the go (or being planned in my head)   

whilst browsing their small selection of fabric i spotted they had a few more brushed cottons in stock than they have had previously, i saw this pale lilac & thought it would just be the perfect backing for the pin-wheel quilt (leaving the 'good folks' fabric free for me to maybe make something for myself?)

i used brushed cotton as the backing for the first ever quilt i made, a baby quilt for little O, (just look at those yummy chubby baby legs!)

& whilst i'm not a huge fan of the plainness of this one, brushed cotton is perfect for little people as it makes the quilt so much warmer & cuddlier ( i'm saving the little folks brushed cotton for something else) i'm sure i can come up with something to make the back a little more interesting

it was only when i got home did i find out that someone else also thought i needed a re-think on the backing fabric! - maybe you have more of an eye for matching fabric than you think Charley


  1. YOu have made me want to quilt! I saw this: and I though this looks fun.... lou x

  2. Oooh- I love it!!! I don't know whay I wasn't sure about the other fabric, I think I just thought it might be a bit too busy and distract from all your lovely hard work- the lilac looks lush xx

  3. I have also been looking at brushed cotton as baby quilt just seems such a good idea. The quilt is looking lovely :) x

  4. What a dozy moo! I've just left you a comment on a post you did back in January 2009 and I've refered to something someone else had done on their blog... I'm a fool! But though it detracts from the "I love your blog" compliment I left I do actually love your blog and you are in my side bar so I can pop by whenever you update. I blame my pregnancy brain. Gosh will I ever get my brain to function again, will I ever get my figure back, will I ever have any free time with 3 kids!!???

  5. You inspired me. I have a 2 year old gr grandson that I am guardian for. I find it difficult to find any time to sew. Now I know it can be done. I am 65 years old and so when he naps I rest. Instead I should be sewing