Tuesday, 22 February 2011

on your potty!

my littlest O really is not that little now, she seems to have the potty business all sorted out & in record time, with minimal accidents to boot! (perfect timing for our house move as well) unfortunately her dolls haven't followed her lead, she has become more obsessive about changing their nappies than ever, never one to miss an opportunity to make something, the dolls got some new nappies

a great quick project! made using small amount of fabric from the scraps bag

i used this as a starting point, but found i had to change the shape quite a bit for the smaller doll (she was also lucky enough to get two nappies)

i also only had red velcro, i would have preferred to use white but luckily little O is not too fussed

maybe they need some new clothes now too


  1. So cute! How on earth do you keep her dollies so clean-looking, our are always embarrassingly filthy! x

  2. Really sweet,and washable too i approve very eco friendly. I am in the midst of potty training too. The potty seems to have lost its appeal at the moment, drat and double drat.

  3. oh well done, ive tried once with bear and decided it wasnt quiet working so i left it and to start again when he is prehaps a little more ready, which i dont think will be too long x x
    ps the dollys look fab in there nappies x

  4. Ahhh! Brilliant idea. Will remember this for when Flo starts playing with dollies.

  5. They are brilliant! Just brilliant. My eldest son is rather obsessed with putting nappies on anything and everything lately. Maybe I should make a few of these so he doesn't run off with the new baby's (when he decides to make an appearance) nappies.


  6. Well done little O. Must be lovely to be passed the nappy stage in your house, well apart from the dolls, that is!
    The dolls nappies are brilliant such a good idea.
    Good luck with your house move.

  7. Potty training seems so long ago, now mine are 15 & 13.

    I remember trying to do it during the warmer weather - little son took to wearing jelly shoes & t-shirt is we were at home - he also learnt quite quickly to 'water' my flowers!!

    Love the dolly nappies - think mine need those - Tiny Tears is still leaky 4 days after her bath!!