Sunday, 28 November 2010

then the worse

i had thought i would be able to post about some lovely things i had been making but in-between phone calls / trips to the doctors & hospital there has not been any-time to finish making anything, let alone post about it! 

poor G has been rather affected by a nasty infection, he has been surprisingly okay throughout (he rather liked the children's ward & was happy about getting to see his chest x-ray, if only we could have kept it for show & tell at school!) fingers crossed he is on the mend & i can relax a little now

what i can do is share with you the hat i made for Colette, as she was the winner of my hat give-away, this was the third attempt at making this hat & it was third time lucky as it knitted up a treat, you can see details of the pattern over on my ravelry page, it was far easier than it looked, i only made it more difficult for myself by using a different weight yarn from that suggested!

i couldn't resist trying it on, you know, just to check to would fit okay,

but you don't need to take my word for it, pop over & see Colette, it looks just lovely on her, 


  1. hope your little one is fully recovered soon. gosh that hat is amazing

  2. Blimey, and I have just been dealing with vomit! Hope all is well... sending big hugs through the night for you all. stay warm this week. lou xx

  3. The beret is gorgeous! Love the colour. Poor little boy...I hope he is well soon and his mum can get some rest :)

  4. What a week - I hope he's better soon - it must be quite exciting to see your insides on an x-ray when you're little.

    Still loving the hat - I wore it to my knit/crochet group the other day - wow those ladies swooned at the hat, it got passed around and was much admired! x

  5. Wow, this hat is lovely, I love the colour too! Hope you little boy gets better soon :) Sarah

  6. The hat is gorgeous, love the colour.
    So sorry to hear about little G. Hope he continues to improve and you get some time to relax.
    Jenny x

  7. Hope your little boy gets better soon.

    Love the hat, the colour is gorgeous! :) x

  8. I've just found your lovely blog, love the hat you knitted and I hope your son is well on the mend xox

  9. Hope little man is better soon. I agree they should give them a copy of their x-rays - would be wonderful for show & tell.

    Gorgeous hat :)

  10. Poor G - I do hope he is OK? I guess hospitals can be great fun for kids - a bit of an adventure, but mighty stressfull for parents.

    take care and big hugs,

    Nina xxx

    ps. sorry forgot to say I love the hat and the colour 'mmmmmm' just like Cadbury's chocolate - yum.