Sunday, 7 November 2010

feeling lucky

i have been enjoying the weekend & feel like i squeezed quite a lot in, i've pressed the blocks i had stared for my next quilt project

 found out i had won a little give-away over on kate's blog, she popped them in the post so quickly that they arrived on saturday!

didn't manage to see too many fireworks from the attic window but did catch a rainbow

enjoyed the sunshine on a family day-trip down to portsmouth

& visit to the aquarium (& then watching 'finding nemo' on our return home)

having cooked, eaten (a yummy butter-nut squash recipe) & tided up as much as is necessary, i'm now looking forward to a spot of knitting in front of the telly, after the little people are tucked up in their beds, 
(& defiantly not thinking about the fact it is monday tomorrow & we're already into the second week of november!!!!!) 


  1. This weekend has flown past far too quickly. Your quilt piece is stunning- so clever. I've been planning a quilt for P for the girls' bedroom today but it is likely to be a simple one like F's. I must invest in a rotary cutter! x

  2. Such a quick weekend and you seem to have been so busy!