Tuesday, 22 December 2009

busy busy

i seemed to have taken an rather unintentional blog break! there just seems to have been far too many other things going on, which have kept me away from this little space of mine.

i have finished off another pair of toasty mitts (for my sister in law)
toasty mitts
& then started this hat pattern, using the same lovely UK alpaca yarn
new hat wip
finally finished the Christmas quilt for my mum (yes this really was started in September!!!!)
nana's christmas quilt
i got round to making a few cards with the little stars i had crocheted
christmas card
there has been brownie baking (a great recipe from this book)
the little people have been enjoying the snowy weather outside
whilst i have mostly been trying to enjoy it from herewith a cup of tea, a brownie & some knitting in my lap!

wishing you all a lovely Christmas, x


  1. You have been busy, all looks good, especially those brownies!
    Happy Christmas

  2. I love what you make (it's an ambition of mine to make a quilt one day and to learn to knit!)
    I do like that card too - very cute!
    Happy Christmas

  3. I was glad to enjoy the snow from inside too!