Monday, 28 September 2009


i must be mad, we seem to be having an Indian summer & i'm knitting mittens! well at least i'll be organised when the cooler weather arrives. I knitted these using the pattern for toasty & some really lovely, locally spun alpaca yarn, they are really very soft & a great fit. (i swapped the worsted weight for a DK - so did change the pattern ever so slightly)i've been working on a little sewing commission which should be finished in a day or two, a sweet little project i will share once i've taken some photos. Only it was put on hold over the weekend due to the rather lovely weather & a trip to Brighton seaside to visit my sister's new flat. Hope you all had a lovely weekend x


  1. Hello. I too have some Alpaca DK and would really like to knit some of these mittens. Do you mind me asking what needles and how many you cast on to use the DK? Sorry to ask. Your look really lovely.


  2. Those mittens are gorgeous! i wish i could knit!

  3. Just discovered you via Poppy Cottage - I just had to follow up the comment about knitted mitts! I have some wonderful Skein Queen yarn, and I think that I might have to try these - they look nice and quick!

    Pomona x