Tuesday, 29 September 2009

hello sailor

this last week, as well as my knitting projects, i have been working on a little sewing commission.

my brief was to make something to hang under some shelves in a young mans room (he's about 6 or 7) it had to fit in with the existing scheme of the room. i shared some samples of the fabric i had in mind & mentioned a few ideas swimming around in my head.

then given the go ahead this is what i've come up with.
i'm really hoping all concerned will be happy with them. i've really enjoyed working on this little project, it got my mind working & got me excited about being at the sewing machine.

i also just had to share this, i finally manged to sneak big G's favourite soft toy 'Panda', in the wash this morning, he looked so sweet (& now smells so much sweeter) hanging on the line that i had to get a snap shot.


  1. I love them ~ they are fantastic and I'm sure they will be loved by the recipient too! Poor Panda hanging there on the line, although I'm sure he will smell much better. I hate washing my childrens soft toys ~ but it is a job that HAS to be done now and again :O)

  2. I love the sea based things. Seeing your panda reminded me that I need to sneak Josie's pillow case off into the wash tomorrow. Snag is she is nearly 16!!

    Thank you for getting back to me about the toasty.

    Have a lovely week.