Sunday, 16 August 2009

catch up

what a busy week, my little O turned One! & we spent the week with family, & what a week. we managed to pack in so much, swimming, farm trip (including getting lost in a maize maze), rock pooling, castle visit, birthday teas & so much more i can't remember it all right now.i hoping for a quite one this week, & maybe finding some time to complete some knitting projects & a quilt top i'm making, which will be a Christmas present (don't be fooled by this apparent organisation - i guarantee i won't be able to keep it up for long!)

i also wanted to share a couple (from the many) beautiful gifts my little ones were given this year. they were lucky enough to both be given some great artwork for their bedrooms. first up big G was given this great 'stinky whizzers' alphabet print (the hiding hedgehogs are my favourite), check out Phil's website for some better shots & some of his other great art work.
& little O was given this very sweet print, from this etsy seller

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