Thursday, 18 June 2009

playing hooky

Clearly in a bid to avoid finishing knitting my 2nd sock, i whipped up a little jam jar cover inspired by Lucy over at attic 24, although i didn't follow her pattern, i made it up as i went along - going back and forth instead of round & round, this made the stripes alternate sizes, so working with an odd number of colours gave me an interesting pattern,it was only when taking the photo that i realised the colours i'd used from my small stash of Rowan handknit cotton, matched really well with my latest quilt!
i have done a little more on my socks, in fact i took them along to my first knit & natter group visit, held at a new wool shop in a village close to me, but i have been very naughty & cast on a new project - oops, more details on that to follow - but here's a little sneak peek!


  1. I keep looking at these little jam jar crochet covers and am becoming more and more inspired!!

    I love the choice in colours and they do go ever so well with your quilt.

  2. It looks lovely, very fresh and summery!
    I often find my colour choices mirror each other across different projects, or quite often co-ordinate with my clothes too!

  3. It is very pretty and I just love those colours too. I'm just starting to get back to crochet again and Attic 24 is a wonderful place for inspiration :O)

  4. If only I could knit or crochet!

    Vanessa x