Wednesday, 24 June 2009

nap time sewing

the hot weather round these parts has really been tiring the little people out, giving me a good 'nap time' window of opportunity for some time with the sewing machine, as tempting as it was just to go & sit in the garden, i got on with a little sewing,using the Lizzy House fabric, & i'm at it again with the greens & the blues (but with a little orange thrown in this time too)
my initial thoughts are that this will become a play mat, & i'm thinking through my backing options, as whilst i want to love it, i also want it to be something i can throw down on the grass outside & not get too precious about! but no ideas yet - any suggestions greatly received

i have also started (& nearly finished) another little sophisticate, because clearly one knitting project on the go is not enough for me (queue roll of the eyes from husband!)
this time in a lovely pale blue

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