Sunday, 10 February 2013

52 weeks of happy

week 18 happy
1.playing around with my fabric scraps has resulted in an obsession with making a scrappy stripy quilt top! this one might take a while, but i get a big smile every time i catch sight of those fabric scraps
2. lazy Sunday morning, pancakes for breakfast = very happy
3. having to get up early on a work day was made a lot happier by catching a glimpse of a pretty moon & the most beautiful coloured sky
4. sorting through the baby clothes, this is a double edged sword, i'm going to become an auntie again which makes me very happy, but it also means no more babies for me, i must have a big clear out - but  being able to pass onto someone special certainly eases the blow


  1. I love your fabric scraps. I am doing something a little simliar right now, but I don't have half as lovely scraps as you. I will need to find more pretty fabric i think! - Annie