Friday, 18 January 2013

52 weeks of happy

{ 15/52}
snow beard
permanent fixtures
colourful cowl
rain rain go away
1. SNOW, so much snow, this has made me happy for a number of reasons, but it has certainly made the kids & dog happy, little Barns loves it! he's made me chuckle every time he asks to go out & run around like a loon in it
2. slippers, these make me happy every single day {if i'm home they are on} but i've been especially appreciative of them lately
3. some happy colourful knitting, a very quick belated birthday present made up for a small person, based on a basic mobius cowl, knit in garter stitch in left over yarn from another project - i've enjoyed knitting this
4. a new print for the littlest one, from the absolutely brilliant mr printables website