Friday, 4 January 2013

52 week of happy

52 weeks of happy
i've found getting to the end of this week mostly more un-happy than happy, mainly because i've loved being surrounded by my family this christmas, the hubs took off the same holiday as the children, which has been just lovely for us all, as he normally works alot!, i also know i have to spend some time this weekend sorting out the school / work clothes, PE & school bags etc & will get that sinking feeling sunday night, we've had a quiet few days so when i take time to think about it i have many small {but important} things to be happy about, i did manage to capture a few pictures on the phone
1. fire lit, feet up & knitting - my happy place
2. my bandit girl print from the black apple, i'd been wanting one of emily's prints for such a long long time, when she had a little sale before christmas i couldn't resist, she took an age to arrive - so long so that i thought she'd lost her way, but she's now in the perfect frame & where i can look at her everyday
3. Hestons mince pies for waitrose, not like any mince pie i've ever had before but ever so good
4. a super quick knit for the littlest one & super cute on her too - pattern details found here


  1. Oh lovely happy things. Glad you had a good family Christmas. I love that print, she's very mysterious looking! And I feel your dread about Sunday night. x

  2. Hi Kelly
    I have just started doing the 52 weeks of happy, its good to find all these little things I think. Beautiful print, I adore all of The Black Apple's work too! Hope this weekend brings some joys and not too much work preparing for school...oh dear I will have a bit of that to do too! x P

  3. That bow hat is brilliant! Hope you have a lovely weekend, it will soon be half term! :) x

  4. My littles are already back to school ... they had to go back on Thursday ... it seems too early ... love the print .. I am a fam of The Black Apple too ... Bee xx

  5. I am already starting to feel the sinking Sunday feeling (and it is only Saturday!) been such a lovely break..........happy new year to you and yours xx

  6. I've got that impending end of the holiday feeling, the boys have had to sort out their books and uniforms, and husband is girding himself for work tomorrow. Never mind! - Happy New Year.

  7. My kids went back to school today and looked so sad this morning. They have just loved the lazy holidays, but I did get some very happy kids back at school pick up time, and I managed a quick coffee with a friend this morning. Just got to get back into the housework and DIY tomorrow! x