Saturday, 2 June 2012

a rather unplanned break

some rather annoying folks have stolen the cables than bring internet to our little village! we've been down since tuesday & it looks like we'll be down for another week - ho hum - so you'll have to wait another week to see what i've been making!
tea party
a right royal occasion
we've been keeping ourselves busy though!


  1. Whoa, love those fairy cakes .. but I bet the kids were all a bit hyper when they'd finished eating those!!!

    Have a great jubilee weekend - hope you get your internet up soon.
    Fleur xx

  2. There are some silly people around! Looks like you've been having fun! Lovely cakes. Have a great weekend. Rachel x

  3. Hello Kelly

    Really!!!! Even that! Do hope you'll be back online soon....wondering wondering what you're making :-)
    Much too yummy cakes...but great to see the kiddies enjoying them

    Amanda :-)