Tuesday, 29 May 2012

too busy to blog

shade seekers
we've been making the most of the lovely weather & spending our time outside, pottering, playing & relaxing, it's been just lovely, i'm sure the weather is set to change {of-course it it - we've planned a camping trip!}but the sun's still shining now {& joni mitchell has just come on the radio} so i'm popping back out there whilst the goings good, i hope to be back later with a few small makes i've been up to


  1. I know they feeling Kelly! I feel like it's going to turn any minute and I shouldn't be at work, or doing housey stuff or anything else besides sitting/playing in the garden and trying to catch dandelions with my Dolly!

    Enjoy your camping trip, I hope it stays good for you!

  2. Yep, definitely not a time for blogging.....it's time to enjoy the sun, to enjoy the outdoors....and to simple enjoy doing nothing!!


    Fleur xx

    (oooh are you a Joni fan too? I think she's the bees knees!)