Saturday, 4 February 2012


i'm ready & waiting for the snow to arrive, i've done a super market run, as i normally do the shopping on a weekend when the hubs is around {so the kids don't have to come too!} despite planning our meals weekly, i've never been organised enough to do the internet shopping thing regularly but i really should, as it would save a lot of time, i've also be rather naughty & stocked up on a little woolly goodness, all brought at sale prices, so rather a bargain really & i know what it will all get used for {i can get organised when there is yarn involved!}
sublime chunky merino
some beautifully soft & cosy sublime chunky merino tweed in the bramble & whistler colour way, brought from kemps , & then some of the equally soft sublime extra fine merino dk from get knitted, {it would have been a better deal to get it all from get knitted, as their prices are slightly cheaper in these yarns & with free postage, but they didn't have the colours i wanted in the chunky, & as i didn't need too much, kemps still worked out a good deal}
sublime extra fine merino dk
so once i've prepared this evenings meal & got the wood burner going, i'm hoping to settle down in front of a film {the small folk have voted for Aladdin}, maybe even with a hot chocolate & definitely some knitting

let it snow


  1. Waiting for snow here too having braved the hoards in Sainsburys! Didn't think to stock up on wool, enjoy crafting in front of the fire with the family ....bliss!

  2. Yum... beautiful coloured wool Kelly... what are you making? :)x

  3. The snow is falling thick and fast here on the Welsh border, wish I'd thought to stock up on some yummy wools, sounds like you'll have a lovely cosy evening.

  4. Sounds very well organised. I went out earlier to get some supplies and we have just had some hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows. Just about to get the crochet out and maybe get the fire going. Bliss! Enjoy your weekend and the snow! xx

  5. Waiting for snow here too with much anticipation. Just bought a sledge. x

  6. stocking up on wool. truly brilliant! keep warm and cosy x

  7. well you have to get your priorities and wool...perfect!
    we have a little white covering here.
    thank you for your sweet comment x
    have a cosy evening
    love jooles x

  8. Bliss, and your colours look great.

  9. Hi Kelly,
    I've just discovered your blog. And I'm very pleased that I did. I like it very much indeed! I had a quick scroll down the 1st page, and there was lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing. I'll have to come back and have a more in-depth snoop around.....
    P.S. I waiting for snow too. It's -12 degrees here in Duesseldorf now, but no sign of snow at all. Waiting.....

  10. Good food and lovely wool sounds like a delightful and cosy way to spend the day.