Wednesday, 30 November 2011


we seem to have had all the cough & cold bugs thrown our way in the last few weeks, we've all be fighting them off with varying degrees of success! little O & i seem to have been hit hardest & have been spending the last couple of days hibernating at home {i'm very lucky to have some great neighbours happy to help me out with the school run}

but don't think i've been snuggled up on the sofa watching dora for the umpteenth time! i've been trying to get on with sewing the mountain of nativity costumes that need to be ready for next week, along with ploughing my way through some of the christmas knitting on my needles, indulging in a little on-line christmas shopping, as i can't actually make it out to the shops {far far better this way but it does mean i miss out on an excuse to have a gingerbread latte}oh & having a practice run on the 'christmas morning muffins'
sleepy little nollie
christmas morning muffins
seeing stars
christmas knitting wip


  1. You've been busy! My sympathy over the lurgies - we've had the same thing, just one bug after another since the October holidays! What's the bottom picture? Whatever it is, it's lovely!

  2. Oh get well soon... I do hate it when the little ones are ill... no rest for the parents. Look after yourself....maybe get a dvd for your sanity! Lou xx

  3. Oh poor you. I had a gingerbread latte today from Millie's. They are so yummy! Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care,
    Emma xxx xxx

  4. oh dear...i guess it is that time of year, not that that helps at all! hope you all feel much better very soon x
    and good luck with that sewing mountain!
    love jooles x

  5. I've never heard of a gingerbread latte but they sound gorgeous! I've had a poorly boy and hubby today so we are all quiet too....

    I've seen the muffins before but never made them.....maybe this year!

    Hope you are all feeling tip-top soon!

  6. When you have little ones they seem to bring all the bugs home don't they? It does get better when they get older...but of my goodness I miss those curled up on the sofa cuddles! Hope you are all feeling 100% by Christmas :)x

  7. Am commenting from my sick-bed myself... there's so many coughs and colds around just now. Hope you and your family are fully recovered soon. The knitting looks fabulous - and those yummy muffins!