Thursday, 27 October 2011

keeping snug

what with all this dreary weather it's been so lovely to get the wood-burner going, it's made me feel all snug, cosy & very warm, it has also prompted me into action to order a load of logs for the winter, we have been having a relatively slow & quiet half term*, a visit to my folks last weekend 
knitted pumpkins
where the children returned with hand knitted pumpkins from my mum, these are very sweet, although the kids have had heated discussions about whether they are in fact apples or tomatoes! i think she used this pattern
knitted pumpkins
whatever their decision is they go very well alongside the felted acorns little O made at pre-school recently, an activity i did with the children which worked far better than i had anticipated,
better get back to supervising the hama beading going on right now, barney has eaten far too many to be good for him but i have discovered that at least i can see the glow in the dark ones whilst trying to fish them out of his mouth!

*{although having to drop G off at football school for 9am the last couple of mornings has not felt like much of a holiday!}


  1. Love those pumpkins (or tomatoes or apples....)
    cute little acorns too, what a great idea to make with the little ones
    hope you get a lie in tomorrow!
    love jooles x

  2. So cute! Wished my Mum would take up knitting and did cute stuff like this. May have to teach her..

  3. Fab pumpkins!!

    My boys spilt a jumbo tub of Hama beads on this floor about 5yrs ago and I still hoover them up to this day!! In fact we recently had new floors down upstairs but I still found one!!

    S x

  4. LOVE those knitted pumkins - another thing that makes me want to knit (it's on the LONG list!)
    All looks v cosy round at yours...fee x

  5. Aw I love your pumpkins! And the felted acorns too, they make a lovely autumny display.

    Half term has been driving me bonkers, little neighbours kids knocking on the door every five minutes. Sweet, but I can't get anything at all done!

  6. These are so adorable! I had a similar item on my must-make list but it got crowded out by Christmas gifts and baby blankets. Now I am really sad I didn't get around to it.
    Was fun stopping by your blog today. Will visit again soon!