Sunday, 16 October 2011

in the dog house

barney has been in big trouble this week, firstly he ate through the power lead for my netbook, so now i'm eeking out what is left of the battery until a new one is delivered {please please let it arrive on monday}then later the same day he got hold of one of my knitting bags, i found it strewn around the garden, this time he left the yarn alone but has managed to chew/eat/lose a pair of my wooden knitpro interchangeable needles - aaaarrhhh {whose idea was it to get a dog anyway- oh yeah mine} 

luckily i had finished a little birthday knitting for a friend of mine before he'd got his cheeky paws on the knitting bag, as i now know its arrived safely i can also share it here too!
slouchy hat
at cute quick hat pattern, which when i'd finished it i loved so much that i cast on for another one straight away {clearly still avoiding starting the big christmas knit for the mr!} for this one i used some light grey pompero, which i wasn't too keen on in the ball but it looked & felt lovely knitted up, so i might have to order a few more balls from kemps, my ravelry details are here
slouchy hat
will be back as soon as Mr Amazon delivers my new lead


  1. Lovely hat! Autumn is definitely the time for knitting with charcoal grey :) Laura x

  2. Beautiful autumny colour grey. Love it. Looks really soft.

  3. Oh naughty naughty Barney!
    That looks like a super snugly hat
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x