Friday, 10 September 2010

a new term

what a week, back to school for big G, starting pre-school for little O & back to work for me, it's all been a bit of a shock to the system, well for me anyway, the little ones have taken it all in their stride (aside from being a little more tired than normal) 

not that i'm complaining, it feels good to get back into a routine & in amongst it all i have found time to knit up a few things, 

firstly a hat, this was going to be a birthday present for another little lady, but little O became rather attached & it looked so cute on her that i couldn't resist, so i guess i'll be knitting another one of these!

the finer details can be found over on ravelry

i also started on the Christmas gifts, first up a pair of fetching mittens, these knitted up a treat in some lovely Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, they were so quick too

i have also embarked on my next sewing project, as i haven't yet found any fabric i like enough to re-make the first dress i did, so i chose another to make in the meantime, 

from this book, i traced out the pattern last week, then cut the fabric earlier this week, thankfully i had a very productive nap time sewing session today, so should have something to share this weekend & i have to say i am even more excited about this one than the last one - (if that's possible)


  1. I really must take a leaf out of your book and start on presents soon .. otherwise it will all be last minute as per usual ... the little one does look very cute in that hat ..

  2. I was thinking fingerless mittens for the females of my family for Christmas too- those look fab, although I've not braved cables yet- are they hard? x

  3. The hat is gorgeous and so cutely modelled!
    Can't wait to see what your sewing.