Thursday, 23 September 2010

making a start

with October creeping ever nearer, i thought i really should make a start on some homemade lovelies for my stall at the school christmas fair

so a batch of lavender bags have been created, they have now been filled with lavender from my garden (& from the garden of a sweet friend of mine) & are now just waiting to be finished off

i've also been busy starting more knitting projects than i am finishing (5 on the go at the moment!) back with more of that soon

i must also thank kataatok for passing on a 'versatile blogger' award


  1. Great work Kelly! Blimey super organised. My head is fully in a mess .... I need to get more organised. x

  2. Those lavender bags are truly beautiful- I wish you'd come to our craft fair as I'd snap one up!

    Thankyou so much for the book and extra goodies today, it was a super suprise! xx

    ps I love your woven labels- I really want to get some 'mother of purl' ones for my work, but I never get round to ordering them! x

  3. The lavender bags are lovely, such a good idea.

  4. Very pretty lavender bags! Looking forward to seeing some of your knitting projects! :) x

  5. Oh, you organised people!!!
    Know what you mean about starting more projects though, the minute I start one my mind is on the next!


  6. I love your twist on lavender bags - very, very pretty - but oh my Christmas....eeeekkkk!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  7. Hello, I just found your blog--how fun! I, too, love all things handmade and I recently started a blog about the things that inspire me. I enjoy seeing your creativity, and your blog profile is what I would say about myself, down to the 2 little kids (and my name is Kelly, too). :-) Do you sell on Etsy?