Thursday, 26 March 2009

Thank you

Firstly i have to say thank you to Jackie from Button tree crafts for passing on this blog award! it's very sweet of you & nice to know that others take note of my ramblings! so here we go with the first 7 things i love off the top of my head.

1: my family
2: making things (kind of obvious i know!)
3: cream teas -yum yum
4: getting up early when the house is quiet & the sun is shining & sneaking a quiet cup of tea in the garden (not that I've been able to do this for ages)
5: singing loudly in the car
7: daydreaming

I gave up waiting for my new cable needles to arrive & started big G's socks on the DPN's , oh how great it is knitting child sized socks, day 2 & already on the foot! I'm loving watching how this wool knits up too. The new needles did arrive today & will be put to use knitting a pair for mr K - not sure when though as some lovely wool also arrived which will become a new cardigan for little O.

I've also got plans to sew up a couple of bunnies using some jumpers I've felted recently as Easter presents for the children - (fingers crossed I'll find some time over the weekend)

& i've come into a little luck lately but will post about that in the next few days - hopefully!