Monday, 23 March 2009

No rest for this mother!

what a few days I've had, things are normally busy round here, but the last few days have felt a little crazy. The NCT nearly new sale that i both sold stuff at & helped out at was on Saturday, i had to get there for 7:30am!!!!!! luckily little O woke for her morning feed early, as she normally sleeps in till gone 7. The sale went well & i sold about 50 of the 70 items I'd put in, which i was happy with. Then i rushed home about 12:30, only to rush out again to a birthday party with little people in tow, then topped the day off with a weekly shop round the supermarket (so as to avoid going on the Sunday - my day of rest!)

To be fair i did get a lie in on Sunday & some presents. This lovely scrap book, which was from paperchase,
Just look at those birds, just lovely,

and a bunch of tulips,

When i collected big G from pre-school on Friday, all the mummies were invited into the school to watch the children perform a little mothers day song they had learnt. I really had to hold back the tears as big G sang every single word and did all the actions, it was soooooooo lovely & i was so proud of him, he then presented me with the card he'd made, there were two biscuits in the basket on the card and straight away he laid claim to the biggest one!

we've had another party to go to today, pirate themed this time, so as you can imagine I've had little time for making things the last few days & when i sat down last night to start on a new pair of socks - using a 'magic loop' (which was going so well) until my needle came off the cable! luckily I'd not got too far into them, so i gave up & went to bed early. Looking forward to new needles arriving asap (& oops i ordered more wool today too)

I was lucky enough to just make it on the the sign up for the kids mail swap pigeon pair is organising, as big G loves getting mail in the post.

I must also mention the give-away that Sophie over at 'Her library adventures' is having, she makes the most lovely brooches. I imagine I'll be back later in the week, hopefully with some new knitting projects on the go - (i blame ravelry!)


  1. Oh my - I just love that book. Stationery is nearly as drool-worthy as fabric, isn't it? x

  2. What a lovely - but busy weekend you had! I have left you a little award over at my blog if you want to have a look. Jackie :O)