Monday, 23 February 2009

Busy week

Well it feels like I've been away for ages & not just popped to stay with my folks for a few days. I love spending time with them & seeing the children form special bonds with their grandparents. I had planned to get on with some knitting whilst they entertained the little ones (in fact i had to re knit most of what i had done as the pattern I'm following just wasn't working out) but i didn't get much done as there was just too much else going on - walks down the lane (they live in the middle of the beautiful East Sussex countryside), a trip to the local animal sanctuary, lots of relaxing & eating nice food. Mr K & i even got out one evening to a local cinema to watch 'Slumdog millionaire' (what a great film)
We went into Lewes on the Saturday & as it was such a beautiful day, we brought sarnies & had an impromptu picnic at the grange. Then i had the chance to do a bit of window shopping whilst wandering round some of the lovely shops (of which two are wickle & the patchwork dog & basket )

So today's tasks of food shopping, washing etc seemed rather dull to return to, so when the postman brought this to my door today it certainly brightened it up!

Lovely, lovely fabric i won on the giveaway from Sudi-Laura's blog the adventures of a fabric junky
I had planned on making a skirt for little O with one of these, but now I've got them, seeing them together makes me think i might use them to make a small quilt instead, although I've got a very long list on wip's to be getting on with before i started anything new.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I love E. Sussex it's so pretty, i'd love to live there.x

  2. Never been to East Sussex, but I'd like to go some day. (I agree about 'Slumdog'!) x