Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow day

We've been having lots of fun playing out in the snow, then when we've all got too cold, we've been snugged up indoors, trying to keep warm & drinking lots of tea.

I have finished one sock, but will wait to take a photo once I've done the second one. Which is on hold at the moment, as the cold weather has got me knitting a new hat, hopefully i will get it finished today.

This little one has been causing lots of trouble at night keep us up - but i can feel two teeth on their way through so guessing that's the problem. she has also been teaching herself to blow raspberries, she is very proud of this trick and just loves to do it once she's got a mouthful of food!

My first daffodils of the year - i just love spring flowers so much.


  1. Great photo of your little one, she's lovely. x

  2. I love the expression on your little one's face - she is just so cute :O)