Thursday, 6 September 2012

the next phase

goodbye summer, hello september & a move into a new phase for me, we had a lovely farwell to the summer holidays, a trip up to the paralympics, a picnic in the park, a spot of baking, then all change as my littlest started school this week, i felt a little lost at first but have found my feet, as she is slowly but surely finding hers! & the weathers being kind so i've even found some time to sit in the garden with a little knitting to occupy my mind, it's my first day back to school/work today - how many weeks till half term? too many:
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  1. My two are already taking about halloween! Ada :)

  2. Our school year begins late January and my Master M will be off my hands then. I'm already dreading how I'll cope with that first term with both my kids at school!

    xx Susan