Tuesday, 21 August 2012

happy days

i may have said this before but i truly love the summer holidays, we've really slowed right down this year, we've been doing things, going places but at our own pace, but i've also kept free time for the kids {& i} to just be, little O is a real home bird anyway & she's spent an awful lot of time in her sand pit over the holiday & those beautiful moments when they play so well together, despite the 3year gap between them {one of those moments is happening right now, they've turned the front room into a race track / garage, using the sofas as their race cars! - which is why i'm hiding upstairs with the dog!}
my sweet pea
devils punchbowl
although i can feel autumn in the air already & along with that comes the sewing in of the name tapes & visit to the shoe shop for new school shoes,

slow down august please & gift us with a few more days of sunshine yet - that would be just peachy


  1. Golden moments! I love it when my boys all play nicely together, although I have to say as there are three of them, it's a bit hit and miss!

    Our holidays have flown by despite the awful weather, we've done simple things, lots of walking, beach combing...and it's probably been the best hols so far. I do hope we get some more sun though it would just finish it off brilliantly.

  2. I think we need to all slow down more, not rush our children from one activity to another. Let them enjoy spending time with their friends, playing with their toys. We are all under so much pressure these days, I agree with you, sloe down August! Ada :)

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  4. Wonderful, what a great August it looks so peaceful and happy. A proper summer to remember isn't that fantastic! - Annie

  5. where is that last picture - it looks lovely, I'm hoping local :)

  6. it's the devils punch bowl at hindhead, which is even nicer now they have finished the tunnel under the hills, so you don't have to see or hear the a3 anymore!