Friday, 29 July 2011

escape to the country

spending a few days visiting my folks in the country {not as relaxing as it might sound as i'm spending far too much time trying to stop Barney dog eating all the rabbit poo in the field!} but really looking forward to a visit here, to see a little of this

image from here

more celebrations as G turns six this weekend! & after a few ups & downs i've also gained 200 followers along the way, so think a little giveaway will be in order next week


  1. Rabbit poo...YUK!
    Oh that looks like a fabulous place to visit, have fun.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to big G, please wish him a special day from me, such a cutie x
    Looking forward to your give-away Kelly, how exciting and funny because I too am having my very first one next week too :o)
    j x

  2. That sounds great, despite the rabbit poo! Have a lovely time & happy birthday to G. XxX

  3. Oh I love Kaffe Fassett, thanks for telling us, I live about a half hour drive away and will jus have to go and see for myself xox Penelope

  4. Congrats on the 200 followers!!

    S x

  5. Wow! So pretty.
    Well done on 200 followers too. Xx

  6. Ooo enjoy a lovely weekend (despite rabbit poo) and happy birthday to the little one xxx

  7. Oooh I only live 1/2 an hour away, I must go xox