Friday 31 May 2013

jumping ship

after a rather longer than planned break from this little space i've jumped ship & started afresh - please hop over & join me on my new blog 'with needles & pins'

Wednesday 27 February 2013

happy post

i just love getting letters & parcels in the post & was really happy to receive some happy post this week from the lovely Jo over at 'three stories high' she's just started writing her blog & as a sweet thankyou for being her first commenter she sent me a felt keyring & a card which she'd made herself, thanks Jo!

Friday 15 February 2013

52 weeks of happy

52 weeks of happy valentines
love has most certainly been in the air around here this week!
1.some extremely yummy biscuits, made for a valentines themed school cake sale - the recipe was from my Rachel Allen 'bake' book, she had made them as christmas biscuits, but i thought they'd go down well as a valentines treat too
2. a sweet card from my littlest bunny
3. some beautiful flowers bringing a smile to my face whenever i catch a glimpse of them {i love how flowers can do that}
4. & no photos but i can't let the week pass without expressing my pancake related happiness - i love love love them! i make them quite a lot for weekend breakfasts round here but we all welcomed them as a weekday treat too

Sunday 10 February 2013

52 weeks of happy

week 18 happy
1.playing around with my fabric scraps has resulted in an obsession with making a scrappy stripy quilt top! this one might take a while, but i get a big smile every time i catch sight of those fabric scraps
2. lazy Sunday morning, pancakes for breakfast = very happy
3. having to get up early on a work day was made a lot happier by catching a glimpse of a pretty moon & the most beautiful coloured sky
4. sorting through the baby clothes, this is a double edged sword, i'm going to become an auntie again which makes me very happy, but it also means no more babies for me, i must have a big clear out - but  being able to pass onto someone special certainly eases the blow

Tuesday 5 February 2013

peasy with a twist

peasy jumper
peasy jumper
peasy jumper
i decided to revisit the sweet peasy pattern after casting off the last one, i knitted the same size {5-6} but with a dk & a 3.5mm needle, much better this time round, although whilst knitting i tweaked the pattern to turn it into a jumper, this was easier than i thought it would be & worked out well, the colour of the yarn is a little bright, but it was recycled from my frogged brompton cardigan, so it felt good not to have brought any new yarn for the project, i'm still not 100% happy with it, not sure i like the 3/4 length sleeves, however it should work as a jumper for spring, & it does look quite sweet on her & she seemed happy to wear it {it stayed on all day} details found over here

Friday 1 February 2013

52 weeks of happy

apple & cranberry muffins
wet welly walk
1. hello february its nice to see you & just as nice to see the snowdrops peeping through
2. easy peasy muffins - cooking with the littlest can be fun {& easy!} with this great recipe from attic24, we went with apple & cranberries for ours, but sure we'll be making more 
3. an extremely wet dog walk today, was cheered up by the wearing of my knitted socks, they did a great job of keeping my feet happy
4. BBC 6 musics greatest hits top 100 countdown has had me dancing round the kitchen whilst throwing dinner into the slow cooker this morning - which is always good fun

Friday 25 January 2013

52 weeks of happy

52 weeks of happy
1. although i'd be quite happy to wake up tomorrow to find it all had melted, it still makes me happy to find the beauty in all that white stuff we've been getting
2. a bright & cheery new table cloth, a fab bargain in the cath kidston sale, i was lucky to find some of this in the chichester store as they'd sold out online, my last one had lasted years & years but had a few cuts in {mostly my fault!} but there were enough of them to mean that wherever i sat the smallest ones they always managed to spill their drink right on one of the parts with a hole in!
3. one a penny, two a penny, i love hot cross buns, even better are the discovery of the M&S apple & cinnamon ones {i'm also really keen to try out their belgium chocolate ones too, thanks to the tip from mrs biddle!} 
4. i've totally loved watching the great british bake off for comic relief this week & have been rather obsessed about making a bakewell tart since, it was an itch i just had to scratch, so i made some bakewell slices this afternoon, timed perfectly to be ready when we got in from school - they are every bit as yummy as i had hoped {i used the recipe from my very well used rachael allen 'bake' book}